A happy birthday!

Today we celebrated the September-born colleagues. It’s the first iteration of a new tradition we intend to establish by celebrating the birthday of our colleagues  once a month.

This first one came as a surprise, brilliantly orchestrated by my colleagues. Indeed, While I was  having a project team meeting with Aissatou, Oumar and Adama, the other colleagues in the office sneaked into the meeting room with a cake illuminated by a candle. Then  just like an orchestra we sang Joyeux Anniversaire! followed by my favorite version of the classical HBD song « gâteau bi am na chocolaaat ».

This only would be enough to illustrates the first of our values: « benevolence ». But the team went beyond and offered me a beautiful hat to match with my traditional Friday boubou. I can say that since the beginning of A&A Strategy this is my most satisfying experience with the firm.

Thank you so much!

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